Virtual Hound Show
How the show works


Entries are welcomed from RECOGNIZED AND REGISTERED PACKS OF HOUNDS in the UK, Ireland, France, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

There will be specific classes for different types of hound. At present we have 30 virtual 'rings'.
Please see ring guide for more information.



Entries are welcomed from RECOGNIZED AND REGISTERED PACKS in ; The UK, Ireland, France, North America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. There will be specific classes for different types of hound. At present, we have 30 virtual ‘rings’. Please see schedule.

1. Hunts are invited to enter two home-bred hounds - a single entered dog hound and single entered bitch in eligible classes ( all unentered hounds, ‘C’ Appendix and unregistered hounds are excluded. Exemption for the NZ entries and UK/IRL Staghound class as the entered hounds do not have to be homebred).

2. Entries will be automated and must include the hound’s kennel prefix, breeding and puppy walker. These will only be revealed AFTER the judging. Entries will, however, be scrutinised by hound show secretaries before entry into the catalogues to ensure eligibility based on the various national stud book rules.

3. Entries will NOT have to be measured.

4. Hounds will be judged both by recognised expert judges and also by public vote. These will be two separate competitions, and outcomes may differ! It's a chance to rally your social media friends to vote for your hounds!

5. For those wishing to enter the Old English Type Class, such hounds must have no more than one 'modern' grandparent, or two 'modern' great grandparents in an otherwise 'Old English' pedigree.

6. Awards will be presented for both dog and bitch classes in both competitions. To ensure a level playing field, we have developed a system to ensure ‘blind judging’ of hounds. This will add a unique element to spice things up!

7. Judging will be based on four landscape photographs of each hound:
A. from the side (showing hound’s left side)
B. from the front
C. from behind
D. from above showing head, shoulders & back, photographs should show the feet clearly.

8. In classes where, traditionally, hounds are shown off the lead a landscape video of the hound freely moving away from the camera, turning and returning is required. (Maximum 45 second duration and muted).

9. All photographs are to be taken against a neutral backdrop, such as a sheet. Entrants must ensure that videos taken do not give clues as to the hunt of origin. Entries that fail to conceal the origin of the hunt kennels will be returned. (You will be amazed how many experts there are in kennel bricks and railings!)

10. A fee of £25 per pack is to be paid at time of registration, to cover administrative costs. Public judging is free with a request to make an optional donation to a registered charity.




Judging will take place from 31st July to 4th September.

A competition judged by a panel of three experienced international hound judges for each class. They will judge the classes based on four photographs and a video. As the judges will not be able to handle the hound, there can only be a decision based on the images supplied. Therefore, the judges' choice may not necessarily reflect those where physical judging takes place and all exhibitors are reminded to bear this in mind.

The judges will award prizes to the top four hounds for both the entered Dog hound and entered Bitch for each class. They will then choose their Champion from the first Dog hound and Bitch for the class.

A separate panel of three international experienced judges will judge the class Champions of a section to produce the Supreme Champion for the Section.

  • A Supreme Champion Foxhound of the iVHS
    (UK / Ireland, France, NA foxhound champions).
  • A Supreme Champion Harrier of the iVHS
    (UK / Ireland, NZ Harrier Champions).
  • A Supreme Champion Beagle of the iVHS
    (UK / Ireland, France, NA Beagle Champions).
  • A Supreme Champion Basset of the iVHS
    (UK / Ireland, France, NA Basset Champions).


There will be a public vote for each of the same classes as the experts will judge, with awards based on accumulated votes by the close of the competition. One vote per class (dog and bitch) to a (UUID).

Public judging is free with a request to make an optional donation by text to a nominated charity. Public voting will take place during the live show 31st July to 4th September.


Rosettes will be awarded and sent to the first four in each class for both the expert judging and the public vote. A championship for each hound type will be held by the class judging panel. There will also be an International Supreme Championship for each section.

Rosettes will be awarded and sent to the Champion hound for each ring and to the International Supreme Champions for each section in the Expert competition.
(All rosettes kindly donated by David Wallace, Rosettes Direct).

There will be a prize for the member of the public who matches all the expert judges' first place selections across the board of classes.