Virtual Hound Show


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Welcome back to the (iVHS) thank you for supporting this unique global free to attend event.

We hope you have enjoyed seeing the diversity of hounds across the thirty rings drawn from seven countries including over 250 hunts.

There is still an opportunity to experience the 3D Photographic Galleries and shop with the Trade Exhibitors (they deserve your support in these difficult times). I hope if you bid in the auction you were successful in securing your lot. Please support our chosen international charities and organisations; they are all great causes benefiting our communities.

Working together, we can achieve far more. Please support the hunting organisations in the different countries; without your involvement, they cannot achieve their aims, which is to secure the future of hunting with hounds.

If you have enjoyed the show and support this initiative to harness the power of the internet to bring our global community together, to the tangible benefit of hunting with hounds Internationally, please donate to the (iVHS) Guarantors Fund.

I hope the (iVHS) has played a small part in bringing the global community closer together especially in these very trying times.

Please enter your personal information below. Once registered you are entitled to enter the show as many times as you like over the five weeks of the show using your email address and unique password. Thank you for your participation.


Richard Walton

The Hunt entry registration phase is now completed. Thank you for entering your Hound details. Please re-register as a member of the public with a new password to gain access to the website.